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nancy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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dear friends, [Thursday July 31, 1pm]

i think i'm going to move back to my old journal, hunnycake, combining my personal journal (pleaselove) and this journal into one. these past few months have been rather rough on me emotionally and i have a childish hope that reverting back to my happy days will make it all better. i'm really sorry if it's a hassle or inconvenience to anyone. please let me know if you'd like to still be friends by leaving a message or just adding me! i'd really love it ♥ thank you.

hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake hunnycake
love, nancy

dream factory [Wednesday July 2, 6pm]

entering the garden, walking through the garden, and happily ever after

i had a dream that i had my own Tinkerbell, but her name was Winnie and she slept in my knitted sweater pockets all day long until it was dark, when she would soar towards the sky and light it like a little star. the skies are full of fairies at night.
during the day, Winnie somehow let me hear the animals sing, and it sounded like something i had written in April:

if crabs could sing, they would glide in the waters of the deep blue sea and use their claws to tap on sea shells and clams, singing in bubbles "kiss the girl" and "under the sea." if deers could sing, they'd nuzzle their noses with each other and music would play - "love is a song" "first sign of spring" "little april shower." if we could decipher the chirping of the crickets, they would be singing "when you wish upon a star." and if the creaking of our toys could be understood, they would sing "you've got a friend in me."

love, nancy

dovely, [Tuesday June 17, 9pm]

I. The Sea to the Moon
my name is Nancy. I had a turtle named Emrys after the magical Merlin. I have a cheesy moon and his name is edmund because I said so. He whispers jokes but laughs loudly at night and I love it.


II. The Moon to the Sea
my name is edmund & I had 50 girls chase me but the only one who didn't was nancy because I kept chasing her and I will as long as she labes me. everyday. Good night because it's bedtime
love, nancy

[Thursday June 5, 10pm]

pitter patterCollapse )
love, nancy

i know why the caged bird sings [Saturday May 10, 4pm]

there's an aged grandfather with creases all around his eyes,
like little streams and channels converging for his tears
or like constellation lines connecting speckled moles scattered across his face
i always see him crossing the street with his granddaughter, hand in hand,
with his free hand waving in the air
as if to ward away possible harms from his love
or to ask the world please please please don't ever let her cry rivers like mine

lately -- so tired & so trapped,
all i want to do is sleep and sleep
and wake up with glowy yellows seeping through my curtains
let my hair down
climb out my window
ride a bicycle with a basket of flowers and a jingly bell
to fantasia!

love, nancy

a theory of love [Saturday April 26, 7pm]

when she was younger,
she swallowed a prickly green caterpillar
(because children are magically curious and naïve),
who grew inside her tiny belly
instar after instar, slowly like floating balloons

when she was a little older,
it spun a cozy home of silk
smooth, of pastel corals and lavender colors, opaque
there the cocoon slept

once upon a time she met a boy
a pupal no more --
she felt the rhythms of butterfly wings inside her stomach
palms sweaty, cheeks a-flush

the boy, whose cocoon hatched at that precise moment,
felt the rhythms of butterfly wings inside his stomach
palms sweaty, cheeks a-flush

in sync, in unison
matching flutterbies
that is how you know Collapse )

my fair lady; the bird and the bee
cocoon; björk
love, nancy

[Monday February 18, 3pm]

dream sweet nightingale

ngũ ngon (sleep well)Collapse )

lady with the lamp,
let your eyelashes bat away nightmares
as your little mouth gapes
so so slightly
and tiny sleep bubbles escape
and pop into millions of sparkling stories
for others to dream nightly
love, nancy

[Sunday February 10, 11am]

1. the wonderer
lives with curiosity and delicate sensibilities, amused and amazed by imaginations, starry eyed in a kingdom far far away
a daydreamer of compelling stories

2. the wanderer
lives an exciting nomadic lifestyle, discovering and adventuring, venturing into new worlds & beyond boundaries
artful, soulful, a dream come true

.Collapse )
love, nancy

[Wednesday January 23, 9pm]

this is my unfinished flower child;

curled within the folds of her blankets,
her eyes fluttered against the morning shine
petal soft porcelain complexion
peony-coral cheeks, chrysanthemum-starred eyes

she walks in beauty
and comes in colors

tell me a secret, of mystery of magic of heroes and little creeks
we can write tales and myths just like the ancient Greeks
love, nancy

[Friday December 28, 4pm]

overcast days like these veil the skies with dreary storm clouds
but the resulting cold creates illusions like magic:
my blankets, warmer
(wondrous night dreams and day dreams),
my toast with boysenberry jam, toastier
(crunchy crumbs in between my lips and on my shirt collar),
my cheeks, flushed
and sometimes the veil can be spectacular as well
a soft velvet veil, a delicate lacy veil, a smooth silk veil

even so,
they're just illusions
and i am in need of salt water & healing.

apparitionCollapse )
love, nancy

[Tuesday December 18, 11pm]

(the graceful bending of stems, the melodic nuances of blossoms)

tea and coffee in the mornings with my mother
stirring in cream and honey with pretty flower engraved spoons
rain rain rain pouring
brother tucking my blanket snugly beneath my chin
because he knows i hate it
rainy daysCollapse )
love, nancy

[Tuesday November 27, 11am]

good-bye november,
you've been kind
with brown orange yellow leaves
and cool breezes in the eve
and fingers weaved

hello december,
with foot-printed snowy fields
with light curls of hair around my finger, twined
with muffled voices of the air whispering canvases on our windshields
with gasps of warm breaths lingering on fragile skin to remind
that your lover isn't too far behind

mermaid lagoonCollapse )
love, nancy

[Saturday November 10, 11pm]

bits and pieces of a Lost BoyCollapse )
love, nancy

[Sunday November 4, 11am]

This was my November the second.Collapse )
love, nancy

[Tuesday October 23, 11pm]

"nancy, today i lost my left hand"
the boy slowly lifted his pale hand to meet his gray-blue eyes, "and i found it"

"j, today i lost my entire existence"
he tugged on a strand of his curly blond hair and looked at my tiny ears, sniffling nose, cherry mouth,
goosebumped shoulders, bruised knees, happy feet.

"i found you"
and the unseen came into sightCollapse )
love, nancy

[Saturday October 20, 9pm]

when i was younger,
my mum would always try to teach me how to do my own laundry,
but instead of hanging my cardigans and dresses to dry in the breeze,
i would sit myself inside the tall little pink laundry basket.

as i grew older,
i would often get stuck in a sitting position inside the aforementioned baskets
and my brother would grab hold of my outstretched arms and lift me out.

it's a miracle that i learned how to wash my own clothing
somewhere along the way.

i'm nancy :)
love, nancy

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